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The Nani Swamp, located in the northwestern part of Suriname in district Nickerie, is the major irrigation source for about 25,000 hectares rice polders within that area. Managing the swamp sustainably has therefore always been a great challenge and is one of the highest priorities of this district. Evapotranspiration, which is an important part of...
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Estimating the evapotranspiration rates of wetlands in Suriname, a case study of the Nani Swamp
In de jaren tachtig van de vorige eeuw werd in het binnenland van Suriname in het dorp Puketi een micro-waterkrachtcentrale gebouwd om een traditioneel dorp in het binnenland van elektriciteit te voorzien. Het was de eerste micro-waterkrachtcentrale voor een traditionele gemeenschap in het Amazonegebied. Deze micro-waterkrachtcentrale heeft gewerkt...
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De Puketi micro-waterkrachtcentrale in het binnenland van Suriname: implementatie, rehabilitatie en ervaringen
Sirahmpersad Eduard Eddy Jharap werd in 1944 geboren in het district Wanica van Suriname in een kinderrijk gezin van kleine, arme landbouwers. Na een jeugd vol obstakels slaagde hij erin de middelbare school in 1964 af te ronden en een studiebeurs te bemachtigen van de bauxietmaatschappij Suralco om geologie aan de Rijksuniversiteit in Leiden te st...
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De weg van Staatsolie. Het verwerven van technische en management expertise

A comparison of terrestrial large-mammal communities betw...

By P. Ouboter | M. Hardjoprajitno | C. Kasanpawiro | K. Kishna | A. Soetotaroeno | V. Kadosoe
Data on terrestrial large-mammal communities were collected in the Brownsberg Nature Park, Raleighvallen/ Voltzberg area of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve and the Boven Coesewijne Nature Reserve. In the Brownsberg Nature Park we worked on the plateau, at approx. 500m elevation, in an area with limited illegal hunting....
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A comparison of terrestrial large-mammal communities between Brownsberg, Raleighvallen and Coesewijne, Suriname
Along the actual day coast of Suriname, coastal changes are strongly related to a system of mudbanks and interbank areas migrating alongshore from East to West. Although the entire coast of Suriname shows long term net accretion, there was considerable land loss due to coastal erosion, particularly in the district of Coronie. As coastal erosion is...
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Stress factors of the mangrove ecosystem of Coronie

Decentralized rural electrification in the Brazilian Amazon

By R. van Els | J. de Souza Vianna | A. Junior
This paper discusses the various efforts to promote decentralized electricity generation with renewable energy for rural electrification in the Brazilian Amazon over the last three decades. The preliminary results show that, besides the need to adjust the institutional framework of the electricity sector to permit this type of project, it is also n...
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Decentralized rural electrification in the Brazilian Amazon
The Caribbean sub-region of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is divided into an English and Spanish speaking part. The Dutch speaking Republic of Suriname adheres to the first group. From 03 – 05 November 2009 the regional office of the FAO and the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (ECIAF) Campus of t...
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FAO Forestry Research workshop English-speaking Caribbean

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