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Evaluation of economic feasibility of the use of solar energy in the interior of Suriname
This work intends to make an evaluation or analysis of optical fiber access networks as a means of high speed data transmission. We will describe the different types of fiber optic access networks such as the FTTx, PON, EFM networks, among other networks that are of great importance today....
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Fiber Optic Access Networks FTTX, PON, EFM
The traditional education system, in many ways was manual and strictly classroom based. But with the advent of technology, the emphasis is on better communication, reduced paperwork and faster methods. Technology has provided a new platform in the form of learning management systems which caters to the educational requirements of students and staff...
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Relevance of learning management systems from the user’s point of view: A case of the Blackboard system in Suriname
Brownsberg Nature Park in Suriname has a rich biodiversity. The area is also threatened by mining, illegal hunting and possibly also tourism. To assess the impact of threats on the terrestrial mammal community, a long-term continuous monitoring survey was started in 2012. To assess mammal presence, abundance and activity, 27 camera traps were place...
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Three years of continuous monitoring of the large terrestrial mammals of Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname
Since the 1980’th small-scale gold mining is on the increase in Suriname. Most mining occurs in the eastern part of the country. In the small-scale gold mining the gold is usually amalgamated to mercury. An estimated 1 kg of mercury enters the environment for every kg of gold extracted, which means at least 10,000 kg of mercury released annually in...
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Review of mercury pollution in Suriname

Observations of pelagic seabirds in the waters offshore S...

By M. de Boer | A. Williams | J. Saulino
The pelagic seabird fauna inhabiting the waters offshore Suriname has hardly been described. Here we provide records for the occurrence of 18 pelagic seabird species. At least three of the observed seabird species represent new state records: Yellow-nosed Albatross Thalassarche chlororhynchos, Band-rumped Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma castro and Red-foo...
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Observations of pelagic seabirds in the waters offshore Suriname

Modeling the impact of climate change on the hydro-power...

By R. Nurmohamed | P. Donk | P. Willems
Hydrologic combined climate modeling has been used to assess the impact of climate change on the hydropower potential of the Kabalebo river basin in Suriname. The hydrology of the study basin was simulated through the VHM rainfall-runoff model Generalized Lumped Conceptual and Parsimonious Model Structure Identification and Calibration. The necessa...
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Modeling the impact of climate change on the hydro-power potential of the Kabalebo river basin in Suriname
Suriname is in het afgelopen jaar vaak geteisterd door hevige rukwinden die ervoor gezorgd hebben dat gebouwen dakschades hebben geleden. Dit frequenter en versterkende meteorologische fenomeen vormt een groot gevaar voor de samenleving. Om in de toekomst de gevolgen van verhoogde rukwinden te minimaliseren heeft deze studie zich gericht op twee as...
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Aanpassing van de dakconstructie van gebouwen in Suriname, nu en bij klimaatverandering
In the past few years as a result of increased explorations for oil, numerous reports have been written about environmental impacts. In all of these, the West Indian Manatee species occurring in Suriname was incorrectly identified and because of this, incorrectly classified as Vulnerable. In this brief I address the correct classification and show...
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Incorrect use of the IUCN Classification may lead to bad management decisions. The Case of the Trichechus manatus manatus in Suriname
A young male employee of Surgold Mining Company died within a few hours of being stung on the hand by a “yellow bee”. Since the gold mining company involved cannot risk other employees facing the same situation in the future and to ensure safety for all company employees, a field study was carried out to make an assessment and identify the possi...
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Identifying the insect responsible for the death of an employee at the Newmont Surgold plant in Suriname

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