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Het sociale leven in Suriname wordt gedomineerd door het Surinaams-Nederlands en het Sranantongo. Deze stelling wordt ten dele onderkent, want slechts weinige mensen twijfelen aan het belang van het Nederlands voor Suriname, de rol die het Nederlands vervult in de Surinaam-se samenleving. Hetzelfde kan niet zondermeer gesteld worden over het Sranan...
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Onderkenning rol sranangtongo Surinaamsche Maatschappij

Comparing effects and impacts of rural electrification on...

By S. Echeverry | B. Burnett | J. de Abreu Sá Diniz | R. van Els
The effects and the impacts of electrification on the development of rural communities is analyzed in two Maroon Afro descendant communities in Brazil and in Suriname. The Saramaca maroon community of Brownsberg in Suriname was provided with grid electricity owing to a compensatory initiative, as this community had been displaced in order to build...
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Comparing effects and impacts of rural electrification on development in two South American Afro descendent communities

Brodmann and cortical maps. Korbian Brodmann: Cortical ma...

By J. Guimaraes | J. Santos | M. Freire
When one talks about the cytoarchitecture of the cerebral cortex, we are immediately referred to the name of Korbinian Brodmann. His classic studies concerning cytoarchitectonic organization of the brain completed a century in 2009. The present article aims to contextualize some aspects of his life and work and also the impact of Brodmann’s studies...
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Brodmann and cortical maps. Korbian Brodmann: Cortical maps and the gytoarchitecture of the brain
In this article third and fourth order efficiency are studied in the framework of translation equivariant location estimators. We assume X_1,...,X_n i.i.d. f•− θ. By recognizing that equality in a special form of the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality leads to a certain dependence of the cumulants of the maximum likelihood estimator MLE for ...
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When does third order efficiёncy imply fourth effiёncy?
This article is the full text of a communication made during the 3rd International Congress on Biodiversity in the Guiana Shield held at Paramaribo in August 2013. It is an overview, a kind of 'mini-review' of all the work done to date on the spontaneous cacao trees of French Guiana....
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Wild cacao trees Theobroma cacao L. in French Guiana
Het Tapajai-waterkrachtproject is één van de meest besproken energieprojecten geweest uit de recente geschiedenis, waarbij de nadruk voornamelijk enerzijds kwam te liggen op de extra energie-opbrengsten met een verwaarloosbare toename in footprint, en anderzijds op de grondenrechten van de binnenlandsbewoners die getroffen zouden worden bij met de...
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Het Tapajai waterkracht project als katalysator voor de verstedelijking van Suriname
A large whale, accompanied by a calf, was seen in the shallow coastal waters of Suriname on 20 April 2013. Digital images confirmed the species identification as humpback whale Megaptera novaeangliae. This is the first confirmed record of humpback whales in Suriname. The observation was made at the extreme southern limit of the North Atlantic popul...
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Observation of a humpback whale Megaptera novaeangliae with calf in the shallow coastal waters of Suriname

Wetenschap over de grens

By R. van Els
Gebrek aan interesse bij jongeren voor wetenschap en techniek en tekort aan hoger wetenschappelijk kader is een probleem dat niet alleen de Surinaamse academische gemeenschap bezighoudt. In 2011 lanceerde het buurland Brazilië een gedurfd programma van internationale uitwisseling voor undergraduate studenten in exacte, technologische en biowete...
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Wetenschap over de grens
The impact of our energy systems on the climate mandates an energy system transition. In this paper a combination of existing concepts and approaches to take on such transitions is discussed. This combination starts with first defining the unit of analysis, after which actors in the socio-technical energy system are charted through literature resea...
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Battling regimes while stimulating niches in various scenarios: Suriname’s energy security to 2050
Globally, energy security is in dire straits and the affiliated energy systems, heavily based on fossil fuels, need to be transformed into sustainable alternatives. Transition research is an attempt to grasp the complexities of such so-called sustainability transitions which involve not only technical artifacts but also encompass fundamental so...
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Developing countries more in need of energy system transition research

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