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New website of the Academic Journal of Suriname

The Academic Journal of the University of Suriname is, due to circumstances, no longer working with this page. For contact with the editors, submissions and instructions regarding the Journal, please visit:
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The Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname proudly presents the Academic Journal of Suriname Acad J Sur, the first e-journal in its history and in that of our country. There have been some e-newsletters from different organizations in the past, but never a real academic journal with a variety of scientific articles. Indeed, this accomplishment is by itself an innovation of breakthrough proportions.
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Exposure to mercury vapor and methyl –mercury may lead to serious health problems and life-threatening conditions. Fetuses and children are the most affected. The interference with many physiological processes makes prediction of the effects very difficult. People must be aware that the symptoms of intoxication with mercury compounds have a delay o...
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Het sociale leven in Suriname wordt gedomineerd door het Surinaams-Nederlands en het Sranantongo. Deze stelling wordt ten dele onderkent, want slechts weinige mensen twijfelen aan het belang van het Nederlands voor Suriname, de rol die het Nederlands vervult in de Surinaam-se samenleving. Hetzelfde kan niet zondermeer gesteld worden over het Sranan...
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