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General information
The Academic Journal of Suriname is an electronic journal published by the Institute for Graduate Studies and Research of the Anton de Kom Universiteit  van Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname.

Scope and policy
The Academic Journal of Suriname primarily publishes the results of original scientific research carried out by scientists of the Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname.

Form and preparation of the manuscript  
  1. Indicate the category of the manuscript: Social sciences, Biomedicine, Technology or Miscellaneous.

  2. Specify the paper-format of the manuscript:
    • Full-length paper
    • Short communication
    • Review article
    • Concepts and comments
    • Case report
    • Overview
    • Book review
    • Scientific meeting.

  3. The manuscript must be written in Dutch or English, but the latter is preferred.

  4. The manuscript must be prepared as a Microsoft Word document in Times New Roman 12.

  5. Tables, figures and images are presented separately with instructions where to place in the manuscript.

  6. The manuscript contains a title page, with a running title and the corresponding address of the author.

  7. The manuscript has an abstract with no more than 250 words ˝ A4.

  8. The manuscript contains a list of key words or indexing terms, no more than 6, which indicate the clue of the article.

  9. The manuscript is logic and consistent, after the abstract follows an introduction, analysis of the article, material and methods that are used and results that should be presented clearly or discussion to interpret the results is given.

  10. References and footnotes are used according to APA style.

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The prepared manuscript must be submitted to the submission system  

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